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Tibet Mandala
mandala To share and promote interest in Tibetan culture, people and land

Mandala Guestbook

someday, i may become a monk. in the meantime, i will sit here and wait.
m toc toc
canada - Saturday, April 03, 1999 at 06:33:43 (PST)
Mandala is moved to a new home!
Webmaster <mandala@cheerful.com>
USA - Saturday, March 13, 1999 at 18:51:43 (PST)
I think this place is really cool. It helps me to find lots of things about cause this is my job during the winter vacation.thanks a lot bye.
02/26/99 11:36:40
I would like to know more detials about Tibetan wedding ceremony. I am now doing a school project, which is about wedding ceremony. Therefore, I am looking for more information about Tibtan wedding ceremony. If it is possible, can you tell me which web site I can find the detials and pictures
Audrey Chen <audreycy@earthlink.net>
02/07/99 07:17:22
Dear editor. It's happy to read this site,but unfortunately it's all looks like to translate from the sources of english-publishments,consisted by the foreigned views and without real tibetan views. Would please read and write some truly tibetan texts,for instance,What is the "Lamaism"?and What is the real meaning of rebirth or "Dalai Lama or Panchen's title"in the tibetan history? Wish you've done truly commemts!
yonten <yonten@ms26.hinet.net>
01/22/99 14:42:35
I am leader of GESAR ART TROUPE in taiwan kaohsiung. We establish it on July, 1998. I want to get some information about Tibet. Thank you!
Jaque Chang <gesar@ksmail.seed.net.tw>
12/04/98 07:32:52
please help me find my way- i am very interested in learning more-anywhere in the philadelphia region to worship? love your site!
karen <thenewleaf@aol.com>
10/13/98 15:15:18
Is it a Buddish?
shin yeak yean <shinyy@tm.net.my>
10/12/98 16:10:33
it's very great news to Tibet
LEE VON YEE <autotec@tm.net.my>
09/19/98 18:32:27
I am a Malaysian,and so interest at Tibet knowledges,exspacially about the religions there .May I have more informations or stories about the Tibetan religions.Finally,could you tell me where can I learn Tibetan language from the internet web site with free of charge.I wonder if you will reply me later,THANK YOU VERY MUCH AT ALL.
ericjones <eric_jones@hotmail.com>
08/06/98 16:52:25
Dear sir, I am very interested in everything about Tibet and Buddaism. Thank you for construck this url to share all the information with us. I would like to ask a question:Taiwan now is expecting a "٧Q". Is it a very important thing of Budda? How do you call it in English? I would be grateful if my question is answered. Sincerely yours, Jessie Wu
Jessie Wu <jeswu@ms12.hinet.net>
04/09/98 10:02:14

george r haase <ghaase@execpc.com>
02/13/98 03:05:06
Wondrous! Please continue to share the excellencies of the soon-to-be free region we call Tibet! Thank you.
02/13/98 01:39:04
Excellent, keep up the great work!
DiBuono Anthony <catwalan@total.net>
02/11/98 01:36:24
I really enjoyed your page and found it very informitive on tibet... PEACH!
*LUNA* <rowsonr@cadvision.com>
02/10/98 16:57:11
thank you so much for your nice web sight!
Hello, i'm new to Tibetan culture, but this land and its story is getting my attention. I found your site very helpfull and I would like to thank you for your efforts. Luca Spada - Italy
30 Dec 97
Date:30 Dec 97

Please allow me this time to say that I really enjoyed reading this web site. I've learned a lot and I truly believe that as a world of people who have many beliefs, cultures, etc. can one day be one. I will continue to read and learn about tibet's cultu e, people, and land.

Enjoyed your Site - Chris
Name: Jay D. Jensen
Date: 24 Oct 1997
Comment: Thanks for all the information
I just saw the movie 7 years in Tibet, ok I suppose. But whats bothering me is why did the Chinese invaid Tibet in the first place? What exactly was the reason? I don't understand it. So here I am looking for answers. Thank you very much for your page.
Very Truly Yours
Jay D. Jensen
Future Topics:
Name: Scott Pennington
Date: 20 Oct 1997
Comment: I was unaware of the history of Tibet, I was moved by my own enlightment. Thank you.
Suggestions: I recently saw the movie 7 Years in Tibet in the US. I had never really heard of the history of Tibet and its culture. I began to search the internet looking for more and more information about the land. I don't know why but the history seems to be such a clear contrast of good verse evil. There are not many countries that can say that. Thank you for providing such a good overview of Tibet.
Future Topics: I would like to hear you opinion on the movie 7 Years in Tibet? Is it accurate? What was excluded from the story?
Name: Dan Smyer-Yu
Date: 18 Oct 1997
Comment: Thank you for allowing your readers to offer comments
Suggestions: You have done marvelous job in organizing this web site, particularly from a Chinese perspective. I have one comment on your Chronology of Tibetan history. As far as I understand, Chinese conquest of Tibet was not only done by the People's Republic of China, but also happened during the era of Republic of China (1911-1949) and even during the last dynasty of China. The current human rights issues in Tibet may also be the continuation of Chinese conquest of Tibet since their earliest contact(s). Tibet has a long history and rich Buddhist culture. I think your chronology of Tibet is based on the history of the People's Republic of China. It needs addition. Thank you for your generosity in taking in my comments.
Name: Paul Ketley
Date: 15 Oct 1997
Comment: What can the public do to pressure the Chinese Government?
Suggestions: More on the Dalai Lama, the "official" Panchen Lama and the UN standpoint.
Future Topics: How much pressure is being put upon the Chinese Government ? Is it true that the Chinese are trying to "bribe" Tibetan loyalty by re-building many temples and monasteries destroyed during the invasion in 1949?
Name: William Rehm
Date: 10 Oct 1997
Comment: Free Tibet!!!!
Suggestions: cut down on the graphics. load time is too slow, many will not wait.
Future Topics: you will see many visitors to the site now that the Brad Pitt movie "Seven Years in Tibet" is out. My wife and I saw it tonight. All is can say is Free Tibet Now!!!
Name: Balazs Bilsiczky
Date: 10 Oct 1997
Comment: May Padmasambhava be with this web site!
Name: M. Papadopoulou
Date: 5 Oct 1997
Comment: I am glad i found your web-page through surfing on the Internet
Suggestions: It is indeed very informative and very enlightening. Thank you!
Future Topics: Access of the teachings of various Masters from Tibet.e.x The Rinpoche master lineage teachings.
Name: źzx (Sorry we don't know how to translate your Tibetan name)
I'm so glad to see this web site!
Name:Chen, Shou-Chiang
This is a web site full of resources. Thank you all for your efforts!
Suggestions: In Taiwan there are very few materials on the Chinese-English translation of Tibetan Buddhist terminologies. If you could further enrich that section, it would be of great help to many.
Name: Ju-Peng Tsai
Since the name of your web site is Mandala, could you give more introduction of the mandala itself?
Suggestions: I have been collecting information regarding the mandala in the recent years. Most of my materials are the books written by Mr. Tong-Choa Tsai and information from some Buddhist dictionaries. I was glad to find a related web site, but didn't see references on the mandala. That's really too bad. However, you have put in a lot of thoughts in the material collection and editing. It's very nice!
Future Topics: Information related to the mandala. Meditation methods based on the mandala.
Name: (Sorry we don't know how to translate your Tibetan name)
For the Sakya portion of your site, "sa" means earth, and "skya" means grey color. "sa-skya" means grey earth. The locations of most Sakya monastaries have vast grey land (still true thesedays). The walls of the monastaries are painted with three colors to represent the vajra colors. Because of its multi-colors, the Han people refer to it as the "multi-color sect". Just for your reference.

Name: Ting-Hou Chen
Hope everyone can find what he/she want.
Suggestions: [Books], [Other Sites], [Who's Who], [Glossary], [References] do not seem to split into frames. I needed to retype the URL to return to the main page. It's a little cumbersome. Please improve. Thanks.
Future Topics: More introduction on the lifestyle and culture of ordinary Tibetans, and the current conditions in Tibet under the Chinese rule. Thanks.
Name: Vincent (Wen-Sen Hung)
I love Tibet passionately. Even reading the word "Tibet" makes me feel elated.
a.Would like to see more information available;
b. The current contents seem to focus on religion and information about the so-called "Tibetan Government-in-Exile";
c. If you can simplify your URL and use more common terms, you would attract more visitors!
Future Topics:
a. History of Tibet.
b. The political relationship between Tibet and China historically.
c. The Epic "King Geser".
Name: Hsiang-Sheng Chuang
Could you please let me know how I can find Tibetan word processing software? THANKS

Mandala's Reply:
SAMBHOTA Tibetan Publishing Software for Windows 95, 3.1 and the Macintosh. Micorsoft Word, WordPerfect keyboard support available. Asian Classics, Wylie conversion.
Contact: Sambhota 3929 Orchard Ct. Boulder, CO 80304 Phone: (303)442-3676 Fax:(303)442-5410 Email: gwiener@worldnet.att.net

Name: R.Carter
I was awed by my visit to Tibet, a country which should be free!
Name: Chih-Da Liu
If you ever plan to organize a trip to Tibet, please let me know. Thanks!
Name: Pei Lan YANG

Hello Everyone,

I am an admiror of Tibetan culture, and I find your website so splendid. Currently I worked for a music publisher, we produce many Tibetan music, including field recording and contemparary artworks. I would like to contribute something about Tibetan music on your site, pls confirm me if you feel like this idea.

Best Regards

Mandala's Reply: We sincerely welcome your contribution!

Name: Chen Chun Ming
Could you include Chinese books in the "Recommended Books" section?

Mandala's Reply: Thanks for your interest. We are currently working on expanding the Chinese recommended book list.

Name: Shu-Yi Wong
I am new to the Tibetan issues. Want to find out more.
Future Topics: The history of development in Tibet, especially the city development and social/economical aspects.