4 Steps to mount your flat-screen television

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You have to determine the area on the wall that you want the television mounted and then get a mounting bracket for your new television. You usually get a mounting bracket from the place that sells the flat screens, and some mounts will come with instructions that you can place on the wall and use as a visual guide to mount the bracket. The next thing you will need to do is get a stud finder reviews to buy the best one.

Use of stud finder

This is to measure the distance between the studs in the wall that you will be attaching the wall mount to hang the flat screen. To use a stud finder, simply place it flat on the wall a hit the start button as you drag the stud finder across the wall until the stud finder gives you a long beep. Place a mark there and continue along the wall to find the next stud and repeat this for the length of the television mount.

Steps to fit

Once you find your studs, you will need to drill holes into the studs. This is done to make sure that the main bots that will anchor the television bracket and television to the wall, will have enough space to fit.

These lag bolts will support all the weight of the television and mount so there must be enough space in the stud to support the bolt. Next, you want to hold the bracket against the wall that was measured for studs and make sure that the holes in the bracket line up with the marks that were made for the studs.

Make sure that you feel resistance through the drilling process. This indicates that you have drilled into the stud. If you start with resistance and suddenly you feel no resistance, this typically means that the bolt has gone in at an angle and passed through the stud.

Now all you have to do is attach your television to the wall with tilted or fixed wall mount as per your choice and need.