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Gesar's Liberating Song for the Demon Lord Lutzen

by Ivy Hsu
June, 1998
Chinese (BIG5) version

One of King Gesar's mission on earth was to defeat the demonic kingdoms that surrounded Ling. The lord of the kingdom to the north was Lutzen, a twelve-headed demon who ruled by terror. Gesar defeated him by cleverly soliciting the help of the demon's beautiful wife. Upon the demon's death, Gesar sang the following song as instructions in liberating him in death [1]. Guidance for one in the dying process is quite important in the Tibetan belief [2].

Lutzen, Demon Death Lord of the North,
I am Gesar, King of Ling.
Lutzen, Demon Lord of the North,
Because of me, you have known fear.
Because of me, you no longer rage in the limits of your form.
Because of me, now you enjoy the great natural freedom.

Lutzen, Demon King of the North,
I am Gesar, Lion King of Ling.
Together, we have played out a certain drama
Where you were a demon and I, a king.
Now, while I must continue to play out this part,
You are unfettered.

Fear and death are now self-liberated.
Your mind, dense with sensation, rage and guile,
Filled with death and enbodying death,
Is now cut through,
Is now pure naked awareness.
Your dark and shifty realm of paranoia and rampant appetite,
Filled with fear and perpetuating fear,
Is now destroyed,
Is now limitless vast space.
While the seeming gap between space and awareness
Made you struggle for existance,
Now there is only the brilliance of limitless expanse.
Lutzen, do no toy with doubt or regret.
Rely on this alone.
The seeming opposition between life and death is now cut through.

You are now experiencing the true nature of all,
The hidden real aim and end of all actions,
The inner true quality of all desires.
Do not be tempted to resume your armaments.
Do not thrash or lunge or flee.
Simply rest in wakefulness.
Do not stir, for there is nothing to be achieved.
Simply rest in space.
There is no longer a container or anything to be contained.
This is the limitless brilliance of primodial wakefulness,
The heart essence of deathless life.

However vivid are the mirages arising in this great mirror,
Know that this mirror is mind.
Do not grasp at these phantoms of existance,
Recognize that this mirror is both mind and beyond mind.
Shine in this radiant mirror of confidence.
Rest in this sonorous mirror of eternity.
All is resolved in dazzling measureless freedom.
Open your heart, Lutzen, be confident.
Do not hold back. You are dissolved.


  1. "The Warrior Song of King Gesar", by Douglas J. Penick.
  2. "The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying", by Sogyal Rinpoche.